SitePad Pro Beta 7.0.874

Integrated Development Environment for Java, HTML, VRML and other files

Simple builds such as compiling and running a Java or C/C++ program can be done by creating or opening a source file with a main method or function and then choosing the Compile command in the Build menu. Multifile builds should first create a Solution using Solution/New Solution... Then just add one or more build units to the Solution. After you have a Solution defined, then you can use any of the Build menu commands, including Build and Rebuild. Some build units will add additional commands to the Build menu.

The build system has three levels of properties. The tool level properties provide the data necessary to run a tool. The solution level contains general properties for all builds included in a solution. Finally the build level contains specific properties necessary to generate the build target. Both the solution and build level can override values defined at the tool level.

The purpose of Dash is to provide an easy way to build programmable living files. Dash can be used for code generation (such as a Java preprocessor), for building and maintaining sites. Dash's internal language is JavaScript and it's syntax is similar to Freemarker, ASP, or PHP. It can be used to generate code for any file type including both client and server side code. This includes dynamic web pages using ASP or PHP.

To use Dash, first create a Dash Document using the File/New... menu. In the File New dialog first select a file type, with optional template, and then click on the Dash Document button. Then edit the Dash document. Then to create the target files use one of the commands from the Build menu. In addition to including JavaScript in Dash statements, Dash also includes a 'call' and 'use' command to call a template. This feature makes it easy to use existing HTML based templates for generating a site.

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SitePad Pro Beta 7.0.874

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